• Our Mission
    • YEDAB is now more dynamic with its mission, objectives and new management team.
    • YEDAB hakkımızda OUR MISSION

      Our mission is to unite the Foreign Education Sector which is now more than 20 years old in our country.
      Accordingly, we work to make sector sharers know each other better, produce common ideas, work on the basic problems of the sector and to increase the qualified works in the sector.
      In addition, carrying out works of the Association of Foreign Education Consultants, creating a connection between official domestic institutions on behalf of the sector unity and carrying out activities of international institutions which may be useful to the sector are also among our missions.
      Our objective is to form the best foreign education sector in the world in our country with the support of the state, to bring students to our country for education from abroad and carry out state supported works within the body of the association in order to get the share we deserve in the international education sector.
      In particular, in recent years, we have found ourselves in a global and highly competitive foreign education environment, regardless of the size of the agencies. Our association's primary aim is to determine a standard for agencies and education institutions that are involved in international education activities and, to this aim, to organize conferences, seminars, courses and panels within the body of our association for our members. Working in a secular and democratic system, YEDAB also monitors all member agencies according to its charter.
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