• Why YEDAB?
    • YEDAB represents main body of study abroad agencies in Turkey

    Why YEDAB?


    Our reasonable, dynamic and hardworking team has gathered to carry out various projects in the process of international education. Along with the participation of the international education agencies working in the sector for years in the association, YEDAB is preparing to achieve important successions in distinctive projects within a very short time and will continue supporting the growth of the sector thanks to its participative structure.

    At the meeting of the General Executive Board, the projects which are being and will be carried out by YEDAB were explained and the web sites below have been introduced.

    1-http://www.yedab.org/ is on air.

    Our web site has been prepared and designed with a unique content especially targeting our members and people who are looking for more information on our association. We provide our members and visitors with current news and developments in the foreign education sector in connection with the whole world. Our web site is on air with a dynamic infrastructure and system which are continuously updated by our moderator members. Thanks to our Facebook and Twitter modules for the YEDAB.org web site, instant follower updates have created a dynamic quality within the sector. YEDAB 2013 continues to make a significant difference in the sector with its management team and technological infrastructure.

    2-http://www.yedabasor.com/ is on air.

    YedabaSor.com is a huge knowledge platform that includes all issues in the sector ranging from "work and travel" to language schools or from higher education to accreditation issues. Managers or consultants of YEDAB's professional education agency members will be able to answer the students' questions asked via YedabaSor.com while our member consultants will have the chance to direct students correctly in their own expertise. This way, students asking questions will get the consultancy they need from foreign education professionals directly without any mediators or second-hand information and other students reading these answers will also benefit from this consultancy service. YedabaSor.com web site has a flexible and powerful technological infrastructure able to create issues and questions according to the wishes and demands of our students and agencies. Each member agency of YEDAB will also act as an active member of the YedabaSor.com web site. With the help of sponsor support in the YedabaSor.com platform, which we anticipate will have a high rating over time, we plan to carry out a project that will provide foreign education opportunities to those students who need financial support by the works of our Scholarship Committee.

    3-http://www.yedab.web.tv/ soon on air.

    All interviews held with the professional agency managers on the foreign education sector, recommendations, warnings and currents news on the sector will be broadcast on this channel. Award-winning crossword puzzles and interesting contests will also be broadcast from time to time on Yedab.web.tv. On Web TV, the promotions and introductions films prepared by foreign education institutions for Turkish students will reach the final users via YEDAB TV through this broadcast platform.

    4-www.facebook.com/yedab.org and www.twitter.com/YEDABdernek is on air.

    The power of social media unites with the power of the Foreign education sector. YEBAD is outpointing in social media with the support of its participators. Most current foreign education news is accessible to the followers on Facebook and Twitter with its final user interactive system. This social platform includes both promotions and activities organized by our members and wishes and digital activities delivered by the students. Our followers on our FB.com/YEDAB.org and Twitter.com/YEDABdernek accounts have the chance to primarily access the campaigns and other information announced via our web site. YEDAB makes use of the power of social media at most for all of its members and students.

    5-http://yedab.e-yurtdisiegitim.com/blog web page is on air.

    The opinions, recommendations, questions and comments of both our expert consultants and users with foreign education experience or users that are in the beginning in this experience will be broadcast chronologically on our blog page, which has a versatile Wordpress infrastructure. In addition to providing service as a digital journal, our blog page will have an interface that will easily be connected from the mobile devices thanks to its practical features. Each YEDAB member agency will have the opportunity to use the blog page and also have the chance to connect with students through these pages.

    6-Digital meeting platform links people together

    Soon, our online meeting platform will be activated and our consultant members will be able to get in touch with the association thanks to its latest technology. Consequently, our members will be informed of the meetings organized with Public institutions and state departments like YTB (Presidency of Turks Living Abroad and Relative Communities) and other developments. Our system adapted to the current internet structure and link speed is ready for all kinds of usages including smart phones. YEDAB is a dynamic and technological association which has the power and potential to hold a digital meeting on this platform with the participation of foreign education agencies outside of Istanbul through this system, which proved successful in test broadcasts.

    7- Distance learning within the sector

    The problem of lack of qualified staff in the foreign education sector will be handled by the education programs within the sector. The future education sector consultants will be educated by YEDAB professionals in the interactive classroom environment with an education program and curriculum prepared by foreign education professionals. These people will be employed as "qualified foreign education consultants" educated by experts of the sector. With this powerful technological infrastructure, agency employees may also benefit from this education.

    8- Yurtdisi-egitim-platformu@googlegroups.com

    GoogleGroups will serve as a knowledge sharing platform which connects all foreign education sector sharers, whether a member of YEDAB or not, with the help of the technological infrastructure of Google. All files, pictures, information, warnings, recommendations and other information considered important for the education sector are shared with foreign education agencies within borders of Turkish Republic. Sharing is closed to the non-members. Open only to the foreign education sector managers and sharers, this messaging platform also serves as a platform of sectoral discussion. The system has been serving sector managers with its archived issues since February, 2013, and does not accept members outside of foreign education professionals.

    YEDAB continues to provide high quality membership and consultancy services for the foreign education sector.

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